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Preparing (or Not) for India: An interview with Myself

Allison is on her way to India in 20 days. Let’s catch up with her as she prepares for this trip.

Allison in travel mode in Florence


Allison: Hey Allison, looks like you booked a trip to India 5 days ago and will be taking off in 20 Days. This seems kind of sudden for an international trip.

Allison: Well, Allison, I knew for a few weeks this might be an option, but I didn’t get word until about 7 days ago that the trip was on. Then I had to request time off from work. That’s how I ended up buying a plane ticket from a trip half way around the world a few days ago.

Allison: How is the visa process going?

Allison: Yeah, I need to get one of those still. It’s an e-visa, so I should be good, but I’ve been kinda distracted. The Olympics are on. I’m kinda obsessed with all of the figure skating right now. Let’s face it, Adam Rippon is so good at social media and the Shib Sibs are super cute, and the USA just won gold in Women’s Ice Hockey and I’d rather obsess over that than work on obtaining this vital piece of documentation.

Allison: This is very unlike you. You’re usually quite the planner.

Allison: Yeah, I was super on the ball for my Brazil visa. I did that months in advance for fear of complications. But with this trip coming us in 20 – OMG! That’s fast – days and I’m a little more carefree about it and know I will get it done. Maybe this weekend? I think that can work.

Allison: What have you planned or taken care of?

Allison: Well I have looked into the Indian Super League. Robbie Keane (former captain of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team) is playing in Calcutta, but sadly the league’s season ends shortly before I arrive. Sad, because I really wanted to see some more cartwheels in person.

Oh! I’ve also kinda decided what I’m going to wear on the plane. It’s hard because the total travel time is like 36 hours with a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong. So I really want to be comfortable but I also want something that will look appropriate for sightseeing and photos. I’ve got my Girlfriend Collective black leggings and a tee with a sweatshirt ready to go.

Allison: Looks like you’ve thought about the important things.

Allison: Well not all the important things, I still haven’t decided what cities I’m visiting beyond Pune. I’m thinking New Delhi, but also I’d like to go to Jaipur. And there is no way I can make my first trip to india and not go to the Taj Mahal. Trying to narrow it down is my big goal for the coming week, along with the visa.

Allison: Do you think you’ll get everything accomplished soon?

Allison: Yeah, I’ll get there. With the olympics ending and a week before the new MLS season starts, I think I can get a lot done this week.

Allison: It was nice talking to you. Anything else you’d like to say?

Allison: My suitcase is broken, so if someone would like to lend me one, that would be rad.