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What happened with my Foot

Many of you have asked W.T.F. happened to my foot. I broke it.

Friday night I was running to get something from my car, my ankle gave out, my foot rolled, and the right side of my foot hit the ground.

This has all happened before, except this time there were a few differences.
– I was running  on uneven ground
– I was wearing very soft shoes with a slight lift to them.
MSPaint Version:

Usually If I’m running in and my ankle gives out, and the foot rolls, I’m in flip flops, so my foot just slides, preventing any serious injury (aside from the occasional fall).  This time I was in some cute wedged shoes that offered no support. My foot rolled at a running speed from a higher position and hit the ground lower than was expecting due to the uneven ground.  Perfect luck, eh?

Here is where the story gets better. Since this type of thing has happened before, I assume that I must have just twisted it and it will be fine in a few hours. At the same time a friend and I decide to go to Vegas for a basketball game. Once we arrive in Vegas, I realize my foot is about the triple it’s normal size and the pain isn’t going away.  I decide to get a cane and and an ace bandage since really, “it’s just a twisted ankle, sprain at most.” Driving home on Sunday, the swelling hasn’t gone down, and it’s starting to hurt more I decide, to go to urgent care for some anti inflammatory stuff and a better ace bandage.

The Urgent care folks x-ray me and tell me about bandaging options. They also tell me, my foot is broken and that my insurance doesn’t cover crutches. Seriously, they cover random ass things, but Pacificare won’t give me a pair of crutches so I don’t injure myself further?

Luckily, John saw my plea for crutches that I sent to every social network I’m on and delivered some crutches that are just the right height for a 5’6″ person. He is my hero. Drove from East LA to Santa Monica to drop off some crutches so I can do things… like move.

Here is the next problem that will arise. Pretty soon I will need to get an actual cast (not a bandage and special shoe which I have now) which would prevent me from driving. If I can’t drive I can’t get to work. So If anyone reads this and has some suggestions on what I can do, or wants to offer me a ride so my foot can heal, that would be awesome.

Also, What are people’s thoughts about Concerts? I have 2 big concerts, The Get Up Kids in 2 weeks and Coachella in about 4 weeks. I can totally handle the Troubadour, but what about a giant music festival? Do I rent a wheelchair because that’s a whole lot of walking. Do I just say screw it and not go since I can’t dance anyway?

Look! A picture of my foot!