1 Month in Downtown

I have now lived in downtown for 1 month and I don’t know what I think yet. My roommate and I have a nice corner loft with a view of the downtown skyscrapers, a rooftop pool, easily accessible public transportation, and a whole lot of bars and restaurants.

It’s everything I hoped it would be, but I still find myself missing the West-Side more with each day. I miss the ocean breeze. I miss having easy access to multiple movie theaters. I miss Target, Forever 21, and Grocery Stores.

It’s also harder, now that I’m back in a cast. I fell down the other day and am in an air cast. the walk from the Alexandria to my apt complex didn’t seem like a big deal, but now with a heavy cast that hurts my leg, it’s a chore just leaving the building to get my car, let alone walking to any restaurant other than D-town burger bar.

I think I just miss the ease of being able to do stuff and I probably just need more time to get used to my new surroundings. Besides, at least in downtown I can get some decent mexican food, something I was never able to get in Santa Monica


Allison’s LA Cocktail Tour

At the end of May, ThirstyinLA.com posted an article announcing that the 10 LA  area bars made Food and Drink Magazine’s 2009 Top 100 Bars list.

  • Bar Centro
  • Comme Ca
  • Copa d’Oro
  • The Doheny
  • The Edison
  • The Hungry Cat
  • Musso & Frank Grill
  • The Penthouse
  • Seven Grand
  • The Varnish

I love a well-made cocktail. I love it when the flavors blend and work together. It is a nice change from the standard Vodka-Soda, Gin & Tonic, and Whiskey-Ginger Ale.

I’ve decided to take this list and use it as a guide to great drinks around LA.

So far I’ve accomplished slightly less than half the list:

  • Copa d’Oro ($5 Happy Hour drinks and post- happy hour and incredible Basil-Cucumber concoction)
  • The Edison
  • The Penthouse
  • Seven Grand (Hear the Mint Julep is great, but I’m not a fan)

There are still a few more to hit up, and more places with hand crafted, savory drinks popping up every day.  Let’s hope Food and Wine Magazine is right!

What happened with my Foot

Many of you have asked W.T.F. happened to my foot. I broke it.

Friday night I was running to get something from my car, my ankle gave out, my foot rolled, and the right side of my foot hit the ground.

This has all happened before, except this time there were a few differences.
– I was running  on uneven ground
– I was wearing very soft shoes with a slight lift to them.
MSPaint Version:

Usually If I’m running in and my ankle gives out, and the foot rolls, I’m in flip flops, so my foot just slides, preventing any serious injury (aside from the occasional fall).  This time I was in some cute wedged shoes that offered no support. My foot rolled at a running speed from a higher position and hit the ground lower than was expecting due to the uneven ground.  Perfect luck, eh?

Here is where the story gets better. Since this type of thing has happened before, I assume that I must have just twisted it and it will be fine in a few hours. At the same time a friend and I decide to go to Vegas for a basketball game. Once we arrive in Vegas, I realize my foot is about the triple it’s normal size and the pain isn’t going away.  I decide to get a cane and and an ace bandage since really, “it’s just a twisted ankle, sprain at most.” Driving home on Sunday, the swelling hasn’t gone down, and it’s starting to hurt more I decide, to go to urgent care for some anti inflammatory stuff and a better ace bandage.

The Urgent care folks x-ray me and tell me about bandaging options. They also tell me, my foot is broken and that my insurance doesn’t cover crutches. Seriously, they cover random ass things, but Pacificare won’t give me a pair of crutches so I don’t injure myself further?

Luckily, John saw my plea for crutches that I sent to every social network I’m on and delivered some crutches that are just the right height for a 5’6″ person. He is my hero. Drove from East LA to Santa Monica to drop off some crutches so I can do things… like move.

Here is the next problem that will arise. Pretty soon I will need to get an actual cast (not a bandage and special shoe which I have now) which would prevent me from driving. If I can’t drive I can’t get to work. So If anyone reads this and has some suggestions on what I can do, or wants to offer me a ride so my foot can heal, that would be awesome.

Also, What are people’s thoughts about Concerts? I have 2 big concerts, The Get Up Kids in 2 weeks and Coachella in about 4 weeks. I can totally handle the Troubadour, but what about a giant music festival? Do I rent a wheelchair because that’s a whole lot of walking. Do I just say screw it and not go since I can’t dance anyway?

Look! A picture of my foot!

Travel Time

Who doesn’t love to travel? Saying “I like traveling” is like saying “I like kittens.” Nearly everyone does. I love kitten and I love to travel, I just don’t do it nearly enough.

Here is where I have gone so far this year:

Palo Alto and San Luis Obispo – Feb

Palo Alto – April

Las Vegas – June

Las Vegas – August

Las Vegas – September

Seattle – October

Typical trips for a single, Los Angeles Woman in her 20s. Partying and hanging out with friends and meeting guys. Cheap, short trips that allow me to not miss a day of work and not hurt my bank account too much.

There might have been a little too much Vegas. But I don’t gamble much so I don’t drop as much money as most people do. I just find it easier to go out clubbing there with the multiple room clubs, walking distance venues, and not having to buy rounds of drinks since most people have the money to cover themselves.  I would easily spend just as much during a weekend in LA as I would in Vegas, but it would be way less fun.

Early last year my friend lil’ Christina and I made a pact. We were going to go out of town to see one of our favorite bands – Weezer. We are headed to Seattle this weekend to watch them play in what we figure might be their last tour (frankly, their last tour should have been after Maladroit since the last two albums have been so horrible).

Now it’s October. I haven’t had any trips other trips planned. I was hoping for a full vacation in November. I haven’t started saving and the only place I could think of going on my own was France. Problem: I’ve been there multiple times and I really want to go to Asia or South America – but those aren’t trips to do on your own.

So what’s next?

Trying something new: planning far in advance and going on a big trip with plent of time to save and plan.

Thank You Sallie Mae!

Sallie Mae and I aren’t good friends. I think it has something to do with me owing her a lot of money in federal college loans.

However, we have a problem. I planned a few trips too many in the next 6 weeks and I’m being kicked off the family cellphone plan I’m on. This means a lot of expenses in a short period of time. What is a woman to do?

Take some continuing education classes! I’ve been meaning to take some extra classes to keep myself occupied and learn new things. By doing this my payments are getting deffered to end of term. It’s a win-win situation! I’ll get to take classes, which total to much less than one loan payment. I’ll also continue to pay the interest and what of the principal I can afford, but I’ll be able to also have extra money for these major expenses coming up soon.

Bills, Bills, Bills

I found the electric bill for the months of May and June yesterday. It has more than doubled from the March-April bill. I thought I was getting better at conserving since I was turning off the lights more, using the sleep mode on my TV, and even closing down my laptop when I went to bed. I don’t know what else to do besides cutting off electronics entirely. I hardly even use my big tv anymore, unless it’s for a few hours of video games and I need to keep the lights on to read, cook, and do normal person things.

On a semi-related note: I just bought a few new books and I can’t wait to start on them. There has not been nearly enough reading going on this summer.

Hello world!

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